Publication Fee

Article Submission Charge
We opened up the opportunity for author(s) all around the world to going submission their article in Jurnal Desain. We very proud to declare that the author(s) are NOT CHARGE at the time for submission their article on to Jurnal Desain.

Article Publication Charge
We are fully committed to advancing science at our university and also in the world; and for that reason, WE DO NOT CHARGE the author(s) to publish their articles in the Jurnal Desain. We look forward with the author(s), and also the reader(s) for all the goodness of the efforts we have made.

Publishing article in Jurnal Desain is FREE OF CHARGE


We offer additional fee options to authors to speed up the manuscript process through FAST TRACK REVIEW. But if the author has any difficulties regarding the additional fee, it can be communicated to the Editor Team.