Fast Track Review

Starting 1 April 2024, Jurnal Desain provides Fast Track Review service.

Fast Track Review is a special service to get a faster response from reviewers. Fast Track Review is available because it addresses a current issue, requires faster publication, or various other author needs. This service does not guarantee that the article will be accepted for publication. All articles must still go through predetermined procedures, only with a relatively shorter time. If the article is accepted, we also do not promise to publish it in the near future, it will be adjusted to the publication slot in each edition. This service is optional to help authors quickly publish but still not sacrifice the quality of the article.

We charge a Fast Track Review service fee of 500,000 IDR per manuscript, we will inform the payment after the author fills out the Form and passes the initial screening. Manuscripts that have met the Author Guidelines will be processed for fast track review submission.

Articles with Fast-Track Review:

  1. Review process until the issuance of Letter of Acceptance no later than 30 days after submission of the article (influenced by the author's response to make improvements to the manuscript).
  2. The status of the article will be informed directly by the editor team to the author.

Articles without Fast-Track Review:

  1. The process until the issuance of the Letter of Acceptance is at least 4 months or even more after the submission of the article. This is influenced by the rapid response of the reviewer to review and is also influenced by the rapid response of the author to make improvements to the manuscript. It is also influenced by the number of manuscripts we receive.
  2. Authors periodically need to check the status of the article either through their account in OJS or through the email notification registered when submitting.

Flow of Fast-Track Review Submission:

  1. To get the Fast-Track Review service, the author must submit to the Jurnal Desain editor team by filling out the Google Form.
  2. Fast-Track Review submissions can be accepted if the article is in accordance with the provisions of the Author Guidelines, passes stage 1 screening according to the provisions of the Peer-Review Process, and the quota for Fast-Track Review is still available (quota will be informed after submission).
  3. If the submission has been accepted, the article will be forwarded to the Reviewer and the author will be charged a predetermined fee.
  4. Furthermore, the author needs to make improvements according to the direction of the Reviewer / Editor until the article is declared accepted and will continue with the issuance of LOA and article production.

Hopefully this service can help all authors.
Thank you.