Perancangan Cerita dan Karakter Animasi Pendek Bertema Feminisme

Talitha Andira


A smallest form of feminism act could give a massive impact to the movement itself. In Indonesia, the topic feminism isn’t quite widely talked and discussed. There are some traditional customs and rules which suppressed the freedom of choices for not only women, but men as well. Being married against their will, rules and regulations that women have to be kind-hearted, submissive, obedient, loosely-opinionated, and other characters that considered weak. Animation can reach any kind of age and will be able to give morals and message without being too straightforward. In this research, writer did kinds of study with qualitative methodology. This research also leads to design aspect, especially for characters and environments in the short animated film.


Keywords: feminism, Indonesia, short animated film, visual.

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