An Analysis of the Use of Code Switching in the Students' Conversation

Dede Irawan(1*)

(1) Department of English Education Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, University of Wiralodra
(*) Corresponding Author


This present study aims to analyze the use of code switching in English conversation. This study focuses on the types of code switching that are often used by students in English conversation. The present study employed qualitative descriptive method. The participants were two first semester students of the English education program at Wiralodra Indramayu University. Before making observations, the writer first provided a conversation topic to make it easier to analyze the types of code switching used by students when speaking English. In this step, the writer observed the participants’ conversation using a recording device, then analyzed the results of these observations and conducted interview with students to find out the contributing factors of using code switching in their English conversation. The results of study point out that the first student uses the types of code-switching of inter sentential, intra sentential, and tag switching, while the second student uses the types of inter sentential and intra sentential code switching. Several contributing factors in doing the code switching are identified as nervousness, lack of vocabulary, and forgetting when speaking. Moreover, it is also defined that the use of code switching when speaking English is aimed to facilitate the participants’ conversational fluency


Code-Switching, English Students’ Conversations, Sociolinguistics

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