Journal History

SAP (Susunan Artikel Pendidikan) is the Education with registered number Iwith ISSN number for print 2527-967X and e-ISSN number for electronic 2549-2845.. This journal is published by Program Study Technic Informatika, Universitas Indraprasta PGRI. SAP (Susunan Artikel Pendidikan) was published 3 times a year (April, August, and December). This journal encompasses original research articles including: Learning, Education, Evalation, etc. It was first published in August 2016.

The history of SAP (Susunan Artikel Pendidikan) is as follows :

  • Beginning from Volume 1 Number 3 Year 2016, SAP (Susunan Artikel Pendidiikan) manuscript style was namely was revised, namely an abstract using Indonesian and English language.
  • Beginning from Volume 2 Number 2 Year 2017, SAP (Susunan Artikel Pendidiikan)  article style is revised using two columns and adding citation information in articles with IEEE format so readers can properly cite the article.
  • Beginning from Volume 3 Number 1 August 2018 SAP (Susunan Artikel Pendidiikan) was published by Prodi Informatika Universitas Indraprasta PGRI,  which was previously published by Sakaintek
  • Acrdited SINTA 3