Processing The Ground Motion Signal Recording Using Correction Instrument Method

Erna Kusuma Wati(1*)

(1) Universitas Nasional
(*) Corresponding Author


The instrument correction method is a way to eliminate interference with the signal from the recording instrument response. Signal processing by the instrument correction method using the inverse filter method created using the MATLAB program. In this research using Honshu earthquake data, Japan with Mw 7.4 (dated September 5, 2004) recorded by the MERAMEX seismometer type L4C-3D type short seismometer and Japan Tohoku-Oki earthquake with a strength of Mw 9.0 (March 11, 2011) the data from four seismic stations in Padang, West Sumatra with a DS-4A type short-period seismometer. From the research known, the signal can clearly show the phase of the P and S waves. This can help to determine the parameters of the hypocenter, receiver function, moment tensors, studies of .  The surface wave phase can be reconstructed well. This is very useful for studies using surface wave data, moment tensor solutions, seismic wave dispersion studies. Based on the amplitude of the instrument correction results compared with theoretical data, the gain or amplification .

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